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Good News
News Date : December 13, 2016 00:00:00

Good News!

We would like to announce the summary of our first 10 days with you, our partners.


First of all, our expectations were more than fully met! Thank you for this!


After Bitcoin, now you can use Payeer and Perfect Money as payment options.In time,we will integrate other payment options too!  But you can easily trade with Bitcoin,our era´s payment tool,without paying a high commission.



We would like to invite you to our Facebook and Youtube pages for the videos that has been published.



Our new banners and presentations are on the way!


We will add Turkish to our Languages.


At the same time,you can get support in Turkish language.


We are making innovations and updates in our website.


We are working harder each day to be better than the previous.


First payments were paid,we wish to all our partners happy earnings!


We want to grow to make a tremendous impact all over the world!

We will succeed together!

The Beginning of a Journey
News Date : December 01, 2016 00:00:00

YES! From now on, we are starting to a journey that will last many years. We are very excited and happy about it. As you will notice, we have some deficiencies. We would like to say that these deficiencies will end in two weeks. Now, we would like to introduce Capital Advertising!

Fancy words,promises of high earnings,imaginary partnerships... This is the summary of the sector, sorry. Here is a company that works hard to eliminate others during this process: Capital Advertising LTD.


In October, we completed our establishment procedures and started to our activities. First of all, we are telling you that we will act sincerely during the whole process. We want to get a big share from the online advertising industry and we have the necessary experience. We are talking about 20 years of experience. We have a specific road map for all the steps we are about to take.

What we need in this process is neither Google-Yahoo partnerships nor other partnerships.The only thing we need is your confidence. We want to build our business on mutual trust.Together with mutual trust, we will achieve to the points beyond comprehension. We believe in that ...

There are two options ahead of you to participate in Capital Advertising and start earning. Advertising Package 1: 100$. With the $ 100 advertising package, you will have the right to advertise on the website. This $ 100 ad package has a return potential of $ 150. Daily earnings ranges between 0.75% - 3% ... One person can have up to 1000 ad packages.

The other package will be offered to you at a short notice. This package is $ 1000 Ad Package: This ad package has a return potential of $ 2000. You can get up to 50 ad packages. You can purchase these packages within certain limits. One person buys millions of dollars worth ad packages and we make a lot of money. No, no, that's not what we want. Balanced growth of the system is very important both for advertising and sustainability.

As Capital Advertising LTD., you will witness that every step we take is based on the principle of sustainability. It is very important that we have a sustainable business model for both you and us. So when you compare us with similar systems, ask yourself the following question: Yes, other companies does offer high earnings. But will they really keep their promises? Sorry, 20 years of experience has shown many times that these promises have not kept ...

So, we've created a pool system to provide sustainability. You will have to purchase advertising packages with 60% of your daily income. 40% of your earnings will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

If you want to share your satisfaction with someone else, you can also earn extra income from it.

You will earn 10% from your direct sales, 5% from your 2nd level sales, 2% from your 3rd level sales and 1% from your 4th level sales. For example: If the person you invite via your specific link gets 10 pieces of $ 1000 ad packages, it means that $ 1000 will be transferred to your account ... What do you say? Nowadays, people are working for long hours and takes small amount of paychecks in return. This is a good opportunity in order to have passive income ...

Country representatives will earn even higher. If you become your country´s representative, your profits will rise to 15% in the direct sales and 10% in the 2nd level sales. We attach great importance to country representatives. If you believe that you can provide webinars, meetings, advertising support in this regard, you can send an email to

If you are still in the decision-making phase, we have a proposal that you can not refuse:

Register now for free and earn $ 100 bonus. Alongside this bonus, your ad package will be activated and will be ready to use. At this point,you will have the opportunity to test the system. If you purchase an advertising package worth $ 1000 and more within 30 days , you will keep $ 100 bonus package and it´s earnings. How about that?

Now try the system and earn $ 100 ...

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